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It only takes 20 minutes a day to create a new habit, but it can be incredibly challenging to embark on a creative practice.

We offer support, inspiration, tips, and a consistent meeting schedule in a unique, zero-pressure environment. This is not a group critique. You never have to show your work. This is just for you. It's a way to make sure that you stick with the creative projects that you want to realize and live your life with more purpose.​


What Is Practice?

A chance to dive into your creative practice. Carissa, Amanda and special guests lead the group in a weekly exercise or meditation. Then we work alone, together. At the end, we reconvene and see how it went.


What Are the Zoom Sessions Like?

Our Zoom workshops are a non-intimidating group format. Speak if you want, don't if you don't. We are about reducing pressure, because pressure hinders creativity. We create a cozy space for creative work and personal growth. 


Who Is Practice For?

It's for writers, cooks, visual artists, curators, researchers... anyone who needs more time for creativity. If you have a passion or project to work on, PRACTICE can help you build the creative habit to see it through.


Why Is This Better Than Working Alone?

It's hard to stay accountable to yourself. Practice makes sure your creative life gets a spot on the schedule, plus our exercises, guests, salons, and community help inspire you to keep going. 

New in our print shop

Meet the PRACTICE teachers 

Jean Jullien Letter Press

Letterpress on cream 110lb 100% cotton Lettra 14 x 11 printed in Oakland. 

A portion of the proceed will be donated to COMM|UNITY| ACTION FUND by Hate Is A Virus, a nonprofit community of mobilizers and amplifiers to dismantle racism and hate.

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Meet the PRACTICE teachers 



Carissa is an artist and the founder of People I've Loved. She is the author of two books published by Chronicle Books. 




Amanda is an independent curator who has shaped the careers of many contemporary artists through her work at Chandran Gallery.

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